Oh my, I’ve been waiting to do this one for quite some time. I hope you enjoy this incredibly bizarre mash-up as much as I do. It was rather difficult channeling both Dave Gibbons and Jim Jenkins into one strip, but I think I did alright, yeah?

Before I go, I’ve got some long-overdue promotions to get to; first up is an awesome tee-shirt design from fellow webcomicker Ross of The System. It holds much wisdom in its sleeves.

beard tee shirt

I accidentally grew a beard last week, so I know the feeling, click here to buy one!

Next up, GREAT NEWS for people who like Loldwell and also live in Washington D.C., I will be attending the first-ever Intervention Con!

intervention banner

I implore you to check out the website and get on the Intervention train, because it’s gonna be major fun times. It’s a con, unlike any other, because it’s geared specifically towards webcomics, WHICH ARE THE BEST TYPE OF COMICS. But you knew that already.

That’s all for today, gents, good work! Grab a shower and hit the hay.