I forgot to visit my pal Rocco’s house in Animal Crossing ONCE and now I feel like can’t even show my face around town anymore.

I’m the worst mayor ever.

ALSO! I’ve got some BIG FUN STUFF happening on the In-R-Net this week. Here’s what’s-a-going down.

First up. I’m honored to be participating in Adam Warrock’s 3rd Annual Donation Drive! If you’ve never listend to his stuff. Go here and check him out! He’s a fantastic, nerdy, independent rapper that deserves all your love and a good deal of your respect. PLUS if you donate to the cause, you’ll get a free 8-page minicomic from me featuring the adventures of a familiar-looking winged shark and his good friend, Cirrus! Here’s a preview:


Lastly, I’ve been DrawCasting again! Check out my YouTube page to see the first of (hopefully) several videos featuring me drawing random Tumblr requests and my friend, Owen trying desperately to keep me sane.

And that’s all I’ve got for this week, now I gotta go look for beetles so I can pay off my housing loan.