I feel like Nintendo has become the concerned step-dad whose advice I refuse to follow. He means well, but he’s not my real dad and I DON’T HAVE TO DO WHAT HE SAYS.

By the way, the new Zelda game is really good. So good that I stopped playing Pokémon to start playing it. Which, in retrospect, really says more about my life and the choices I’ve made than it does about the quality of this game. REGARDLESS, you should play it.

Oh by the way! I forgot to mention, but if you buy a postcard from now until the end of January, the proceeds will go to charity! I haven’t decided which one yet, so if you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


EDIT: 12/10/13 – A charity has been decided! All proceeds from the drive will be donated to Unicef. Donate away!