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I have taken it upon myself to bring the gospel to the 21st century. If you know a wayward youth in need of some Chr1stluv, send them here, be their digital shephard.

Apparently this weekend is Nerdfest ’09! I’ll tell you why.

Friday – Where the Wild Things Are premiered! It was great, except for when the projector broke at the emotional climax of the film, that was not so great. You should really see this movie though, as it is a bittersweet reminder that LIFE IS BEATIFUL but UNFAIR and that it is IMPOSSIBLE TO HIDE FROM REALITY.

SaturdayClark, Henry Alex, and myself are going to the Nashville Comics and Horror Festival. If the website is any indicator, it’s gonna be good old fashioned fun. Also, we’re recording a new, very special, nightmare shark.


Let the wild rumpus start!